Best Buy iPad Display + Cleaning Cloth Designs

Best Buy quickly responded to the fast-growing popularity of the iPad with the launch of its new line of Rocketfish-branded iPad accessories. These accessories were to be merchandised in high profile endcaps and freestanding displays positioned in key areas of the store. The project was two-fold... Part 1: Design an in-store display to house Rocketfish iPad accessories: cases, styluses and cleaning cloths. The marketing strategy was to offer customers a personalized, mix-and-match, grab ‘n’ go experience with products color schemes targeting both males and females respectively. Part 2: Provide color recommendations for Rocketfish iPad cases, and develop complementary male- and female-oriented patterns for a collection of Rocketfish cleaning cloths. Client requested color schemes in bold jewel tones as well as blacks/whites/grays. Designs were to be inspired by current fashion trends while leaning more conservative/mainstream. Solution: A clean, modern display that played off the concept of yin-yang by merchandising the accessories via a female side (white) and male side (black). Products were showcased accordingly. Jodi worked closely with the marketing team and display vendor in the display design, determining the best placement and number of SKUs to be housed within the display. In addition, the endcap display version was created simply using the detachable center housing structure. Both header designs were printed on opposite sides of the header board, enabling it to read as one wide header (endcap) or fold back onto itself to reveal messaging for the freestanding display. Project Partner: Good People Branding

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