It's not about beautiful design. It's about smart design. But who says smart can't be beautiful?
Founded in 2008, ECKES design is a brand design consultancy created to help clients connect with their audiences through smart, thoughtful, meaningful executions of their brand. 
At the heart of ECKES design is Jodi Eckes, a brand design consultant and creative strategist. Jodi revels in unraveling complex brand or marketing “problems.” She dives in, quickly understanding her client’s business challenges and goals. Her strength lies in discovering the heart and personality of a brand, and she finds her greatest success in creating simple, authentic brand experiences in which a company can tell its story, share a bit of its heart, and make a real connection with someone on the other end. Using a powerful combination of insightful strategy and design expertise, she translates thoughtful brand strategies into meaningful brand touchpoints, both internal and external. 
Jodi’s breadth of experience paired with her easy, collaborative style makes her a valued and trusted partner to both clients and creative partners alike. She works seamlessly as part of a team — whether it’s with a client’s internal design/marketing team or her own whip-smart creative partners with whom she collaborates on various projects. 
So whether it’s developing a marketing campaign for a new retail product launch, creating an iPad app for a B2B sales team or repositioning a brand to better compete in the marketplace, Jodi's brand-building expertise and collaborative style make her an excellent partner in meeting today’s business challenges in this consumer-driven world.

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