Johnston Honey Rebranding
After enjoying success on the craft fair circuit, Johnston, Inc. was ready to take its gourmet honey products to the next level. The logo was redesigned to better reflect the charm of this small Midwestern company’s homegrown, family-owned operation. The packaging was completely redesigned from the ground up. The new labels were a unique combination of local flavor (Johnston family estate garden photography) with a more sophisticated presentation. New, more elegant bottles were introduced, and a vintage hangtag was added to describe any seasonal changes/occurrences that influenced that particular year’s honey crop. Such changes were important to honey aficionados, as they resulted in year-to-year differences in aroma and flavor.
Sales more than doubled within the first year. That success led to the development of additional product lines, including soaps, hand creams and candles. Today, Johnston, Inc.’s products can be found in the shops of over 250 retailers nationwide, as well as online.
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