Logo design for Beehive PR (part of larger brand evolution).
Logo concept for Kohl's house brand of kids apparel.
Logo concept for Kohl's house brand of kids apparel.
Logo design for Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.'s (CSI) medical education program.
Product logo design for the Diamondback 360, the flagship product for Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (part of a larger rebranding).
Logo design for Change Matterz, a line of change purses that encourage women to make positive changes in their lives...one simple little step at a time. The butterfly was the perfect solution to represent change while also having a feminine quality that appeals to the exclusively female target audience. The butterfly breaks out of the box, free to become whatever it wants to be. The message is inspirational and empowering, yet fun and a bit playful.The logo exists in many variations, exemplifying the brand’s core theme by changing colors and background illustrations across various applications.
Logo design for Ground Improvement Engineering (GIE), the Midwest’s leader in designing ground improvement.
Logo concept for Ground Improvement Engineering (GIE).
Logo design for Ujamma Place, an organization whose mission is to empower young Black men (ages 18-30) to change their behavior through redefining their concepts of themselves, manhood, success and positive community values.
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