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“I've had the pleasure of partnering with Jodi on two brand design projects: once as her client when she helped our team at Beehive bring its new brand position to life, and once as a business partner when I brought her in to provide strategic design expertise for one of my clients. In both situations, Jodi was an exceptional partner. She knows how to get to the heart of a design strategy by understanding what drives the business towards achieving its goals. As a result, she makes the intangible tangible through designs that truly support the mission and vision of the business, connect meaningfully with key stakeholders and deliver the desired results. Jodi is a tremendous partner to work with, and I recommend her highly."
AYME ZEMKE, Vice President - Client Service, Beehive Strategic Communication

"Jodi Eckes is a hugely talented designer and all-around brand expert. University of Minnesota Extension originally hired Jodi to provide design leadership on our organization’s rebranding project, unifying more than 40 brands into one parent brand—no small endeavor for any brand professional. We selected Jodi out of a pool of highly qualified designers based on her impressive portfolio (the quality and precision of her design work is remarkable), and her ability to organize and execute complex brand projects. In working with her for several years, I continue to be amazed and inspired, not only by her technical design skills, but also the way she finesses the soft skills required to bring a brand to life, including an outstanding ability to influence through research and visual thinking. I truly count myself lucky to be working with her."
SARAH BJORKMAN, Internal Communications & Brand Manager at University of Minnesota Extension
"Jodi is such a wonderful design talent and creative partner. She's highly conceptual, has limitless executional range, and is well-versed in first creating a defining design language – and then translating it across all the connection points in the progressive marketer's toolbox. More than that, she's the calm in any storm; she's extremely easy to work with it; and she lives in the nuances of her craft. Which explains why her book is so incredibly good. It's been my pleasure to work with Jodi. I highly recommend her."
TOM FUGLEBERG, Co-founder/Co-Creative Lead, Friends & Neighbors
“Jodi is a great design thinker. She takes the time and asks the right questions to get to the root of every problem. Her work is strategic and well thought out as well as being aesthetically beautiful. She is one of those rare designers that knows great type and composition while still being extremely strategic.”
JOSEPH CECERE, President + Chief Creative Officer, Little

“Jodi created an identity system that met the unique needs of our college. She synthesized the results of focus groups, organizational goals, and the needs of our communications staff and captured an enduring brand essence rather than creating something trendy. She was able to work within the larger framework of the University of Minnesota’s Driven to Discover campaign and to augment the iconic maroon and gold of the University’s brand with a vibrant palette for our own college. Best of all, she created a dynamic, yet uncomplicated, design template that is simple to interpret and apply across the broad range of college departments and administrative units. Having this new identity has greatly enhanced not only our college’s image, but our design department’s productivity.”
NANCE LONGLEY, Design Manager, College of Ed. & Human Development (CEHD), U of M

“Beehive PR worked with Jodi to update the agency’s visual brand identity to reflect our new positioning. Jodi quickly understood Beehive’s business objectives, challenges and needs. She led us through a creative process that resulted in a sophisticated new identity system: logo, typography, graphic patterns, marketing materials and stationery. Her work is both beautiful and smart. Throughout our project, Jodi was collaborative, patient, thoughtful and strategic; she knew when to push and when to listen. It was a pleasure working with her.”
REBECCA MARTIN, Director of Marketing and Operations, Beehive Strategic Communication

“Jodi is a fabulous designer in every sense of the word. She is enormously creative, of course, but she also possesses a keen strategic mind and brings a deep thoughtfulness and attention to detail to every project. Jodi has an easy rapport with creative partners, vendors and clients alike (in other words, she’s great to work with!), and is expert at managing projects — from smart concept to beautifully executed final product. I recommend her wholeheartedly.”
ALISON FAIRBANKS, Associate Creative Director, Little

“Jodi’s design and brand building expertise is at the top of the industry. Her aesthetic and problem-solving abilities are invaluable to any business. Above all, she is one of the most pleasant professionals I’ve worked with.”
JASON SCHUMANN, Public Relations/Brand Communications Consultant

“The only thing that matches Jodi’s dedication to good design is her remarkable capacity for collaboration. She’s smart in every way, from knowing a good idea when she sees it, to synthesizing a client’s existing brand with new thinking, to keeping strategy in the back of her mind and in the forefront of her work. And come on: Even her supercool baby announcements are almost enough to make a person want to get pregnant. Almost.”
MARY LOU HIDALGO, Freelance Copywriter, Minneapolis, MN

"Jodi brings more than just mad design skills to the table. Hire her when you're looking for the whole package: complete professionalism and poise. She knows when to be flexible vs. when to stand firm behind a decision; crazy passion and enthusiasm, and she just gets IT! I couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Jodi on such a key branding initiative with one of our largest clients. Working with her was a true pleasure, and I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again very soon."
AMBER GRAVES, Management Supervisor, Periscope
Working with Jodi was like having a strategic thinker, fantastic designer and experienced account person all in one. When it came to strategy, she always generated sound ideas that were well thought-out. She’s not the type to just throw things out there to see what sticks — she’s too thoughtful for that. Jodi excelled at pushing the envelope, but never too far, which enabled her to "nail it" the first time around with clients. It was great having her on board with us."
JASON RYSAVY, Principal and Founder, Catalyst Studios  
"Jodi worked with us for six moths covering two back-to-back maternity leaves for two of our staff designers, and we were so lucky to have her. It didn’t take her long to fit into our culture and our clients’ businesses. She is a true professional. No project was too small for her to embrace, but where she really shined was with the tough jobs…the ones with a million moving parts. She is super organized, and able to maneuver through complex problems. She dug in quickly and deeply, solving problems both on strategy and on brand. Don’t hire Jodi. Because we want her."
MARK HAUMERSEN, VP/Executive Creative Director, Periscope 
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